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E-Cream is a delicately balanced skin treatment balm that is ideal for helping to treat eczema, rosacea, sun burns, insect bites, diaper rash, dry and itchy skin. The zinc oxide used in this cream offers natural healing, soothing, and sun protection qualities.


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Rub E-Cream onto affected area as often as needed.
Relief from irritation will occur after the cream has fully absorbed (1 to 3 minutes).
Best results with repeated applications.


This product was formulated with the highest concentration of plant extracts possible, perfectly balanced to create a truly sensational skin treatment.

Calendula Flower Extract*, Beeswax, Chickweed Extract*, Gotu Kola Extract*, Nettle Leaf Extract*, Olive Oil*, Zinc Oxide (Non- Nano), Oat Extract*, White Kaolin Clay, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Peppermint Oil*, Tocopherol (Vitamin-E), Blue Chamomile Oil*, Galbanum Oil*

Extrait de Calendula*, Cire d’Abeille*, Mouron des Oiseaux*, Gotu kola*, Ortie*, Huile d’Olive*, Oxyde de Zinc, Avoine*, Argile Kaolin, Graine de Cynorrhodon*, Huile de Jojoba*, Menthe Poivrée*, Vitamine-E*, Fleur de Camomille*, Extrait de Galbanum*

*Ingredient from organic farming
*Ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique


  1. Tricia H

    This balm is the only thing that worked on my eczema after 4 years of trying all types of creams, both medicinal and natural. I had a patch of eczema on my forehead that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did and it only seemed to get bigger. 4 years is a long time to deal with a big red splotch right in the middle of my forehead. I saw Skin Essence products by chance but I was skeptical. Within the first few applications, the redness had toned down. It took about 6 weeks of regular applications 3-4 times a day (it’s fine under makeup) but after 6 weeks I’m happy to say that this red patch is virtually gone. After the first week the redness had reduced significantly but my skin continued to itch and flake for 3 more weeks. I kept diligently applying the cream and I am so happy to say that it’s worked! I used it in conjunction with other Skin Essence products which is now part of my skin care routine. I am now never without this E-cream. Thank you so much Skin Essence, you have a loyal forever customer!

  2. Mallory B.

    This is the perfect balm for any redness, itchy, dry skin – anywhere on your body, not only your face! I had the worst sunburn last summer, I was such a red tomato and my skin was burning everywhere, as soon as I applied this treatment balm I felt an instant relief, something ice cold water couldn’t even help. The next few days as I consistently used the balm, my red, swollen skin went completely down and my pores looked and felt conditioned. I love this balm, it’s so soothing!

  3. Alexa

    Before going vegan I used to have issues with eczema in my jaw-line, and I used the E-Cream product. It was wonderful for taming the horrible symptoms of eczema and getting rid of the scabbiness of the sever patches. My only complaint is the smell! E-Cream smells very… “Natural”. It doesn’t bother me, but getting used to these natural smelling products was a transition. I highly recommend these products to anyone with sensitive skin and who feels like they’ve tried everything!

  4. Cathy R.

    I’m very happy to say that E-Cream actually worked for me and would like to congratulate you on such a good product. Please don’t stop making it.
    Best Regards

  5. Brandy

    My baby had extensive excema all over his back and arms… It persisted for months and nothing I did seemed to make a difference. My doctor felt it was time for antibiotic creams and steroids and reluctantly I filled the prescription. As a last ditch effort I went to a local health food store that same afternoon to see if there were any remaining natural options I could try.
    The staff immediately showed me to your E-Cream and raved about some of the customer testimonials they’d gotten back. Well they were right about it! I could see a difference in his skin after just 3 applications and it was completely gone after one week!
    I plan on keeping some on hand at all times now and look forward to trying more of your range!

  6. Tamla

    This product worked extemely well on my eczema, very soothing

  7. Simon Cuerden

    I am now 39 years old and ever since I was a boy I have been troubled by eczema on my eyelids and earlobes. Over the years I’ve tried quite a few products. My doctor once prescribed a steroid cream which, understandably, I was reluctant to use. Being a fan of natural skincare products I decided to try your E-Cream as I’d read great reviews. After about a week of using the product twice a day, the eczema on my eyelids has cleared up completely. As for my earlobes, it hasn’t completely gone yet, but is much better than before and I am sure it will be healed very soon.
    Thank You!

  8. Richa B.

    I absolutely love this cream. My daughter had eczema and nothing works until I found this cream. She slept the night for the first time once I applied this cream. Thank you for making such a great non- harmful product.

  9. kazara

    i had been using this cream for sometime and it works

  10. Cynthia

    My daughter just gave me a jar to help calm my rosacea and within a few minutes the redness and itch was gone 8 hours of relief before a slight hit of redness appeared. For me a miracle product.

  11. Alex

    I adore this cream. I received a sample to see how my skin would react and I’m planning on buying the whole jar tomorrow!! I have had some continuous breakouts along my chin and couldn’t take the redness down until I applied the e-cream. By the third day it was all gone. Love love love this product. Thank you!!

  12. Tam

    My son has a severe case of eczema ..ive tried everything! Untill i went to the healthy food store a staff recommend it and i used it on him 3 times already and i can see a difference in so glad that ive found this cream.

  13. Johanne B

    We applied Ecream on our baby boy with skin irritation around his neck. You should see the result ! Amazing – after only one application, he is totally releived. It is magical, we cannot express our gratitude. We have tried so many other creams for baby skin for eczema and Nothing had worked. Skin essence, only ONE application and it was gone.

    thank you again.

  14. Tim

    I have mild rosacea and adult acne, I use a bunch of Skin Essence Organics’ products however, this is my favourite. It helps calm redness on my face, it never breaks me out and I use it daily as a sunscreen. If you splash your face with cold water before applying it doesn’t appear oily or greasy. Thanks for the great product.

  15. Kelly R

    I’ve recently developed pruritic urticarial papules & plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) rash . The itching was unbearable, nothing worked during flare ups . I came across E-Cream from a blog and long behold, it was the only thing so far that provided relief. I can finally sleep through the night for the most part. I wish I had found it sooner.

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